Maintenance and servicing of aviation technology

We are a reliable partner in the area of maintenance and servicing of aviation equipment, we provide line maintenance services. We have a long and rich experience that is very like we apply on Your plane.

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Avionic s.r.o. specializes in installation and testing the barometric devices (ALT, ASI, VSI) in the avionic shop or at the aircrafts, testing the tightness of Pitot - Static distribution system, navigation and communication systems (VOR / ILS, GPS, DME, ATC A / C / S, TCAS, COMM, MKR, ELT), Glass cockpit installation, identification and solving of faults in electrical and navigation systems, making modifications and Service Bulletins, repairs of antennas wiring and electrical systems of the aircraft and last but not least in supplying certified spare parts and aircraft components. We also provide line maintenance services at Leoš Janáček Airport in Ostrava for A320 aircraft; B737 CL / NG / MAX, B757, SF 340 and General aviation aircrafts.

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Marcel Foltas

Accountable Manager
+420 728 166 239 |

Miroslav Solar

Quality Manager
+420 602 765 354 |

Lenka Foltasová

Chief Financial Officer
+420 603 933 904 |

Karel Szydlowski

Training Manager

Jiří Klevar

Avionic Leader
+420 736 101 900 |

Václav Bayer

Maintenance Manager
+420 734 580 804 |

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Aircraft Engineer AML B2

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Job offer for the position B2 aircraft engineer – AML…