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Avionics Services

We provide installation, testing and servicing of avionics, instruments systems and ELT service. You have long-term experience with Heavy/Line Maintenance at A318-A321, A330, B737 CL/NG/MAX, B757, B767, SAAB 340/2000 L-410, AN-26, MI-17 and also on general aviation aircraft. We use the latest equipment, tools and testing equipment available on the market. Ordered services are realized with in according to requirements and complexity at the customer. Or in case of extensive work in hangar at airport Ostrava (OSR – LKMT).

Oxygen Service

Filling and testing of oxygen cylinders.

Avionic Training Centre


Modification and installation of avionics

Installation and design of communication and navigation equipment, installation Glass ..

Periodic VFR / IFR checks

Measure of VHF COMM, NAV, DME, ATC, MKR on aircraft

Measurement of navigation and radio equipment

Testing of VHF / HF COMM, VOR, ILS, GS, ATC, ..

ELT ( programming, full tests including performance measurement)

Testing of all types of ELT, including measurement of transmitting ..

Tests of barometric instruments, Air data Computers, Encoders

Periodic tests and maintenance of Altimeters, Airspeed Indicators, Vertical Speed ..

Pitot – Static Systems

Leak tests of Pitot – Static systems


Troubleshooting on aircraft. Autoflight (AP/FD), Communication (VHF/HF COMM, Audio, P/A), ..

Measurement of antennas and coax systems

Identification of failures and measurement of communication and navigation antennas ..

Cabling and harness production

Sale and provision of spare parts

We supply Garmin, Bendix King / Honeywell, Kannad, Artex, Trig, ..

Avionics Services requirement



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    Avionics Services

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